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"Get Married in Safar"

With the month of Safar almost upon us, Ulama are exhorting the Muslim public to let go of superstitious baggage regarding the upcoming month that they say has its roots in the Days of Ignorance.
In years gone by, Cii Radio has witnessed that there are still comparatively fewer Nikahs being performed in the months of Muharram and Safar, and it is often speculated that this is the case due to a perception that still sees these months being characterized as periods of mourning, grief and ill omen.In the days of Jahiliyyah (prior to the appointment of the Prophet SAW as the Messenger of Allah), the pagans used to believe that the month of Safar would bring evil omens; but the matter was sufficiently clarified by the Messenger of Allah who made it absolutely clear that no day, no week, no month, and no year brings along with it evil omens.In a Hadith narrated by Al Bukhari, Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم said, : (There is) no ‘Adwa (no contagious disease is conveyed without Allah’s permission), …
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Book Review

If you are looking for an interesting, inspiring, captivating, heart wrenching book that is well written and will make you want to better yourself after you read it then I definitely recommend this one.  Well actually even if you are not looking for a book with the above qualities or even if you not looking to read at all, I still highly recommend that you get a copy of and read this book. 

Book Title:
Hadhrat Maulana Husain Ahmed Madani (Rahmatullahi’Alayh)
His Life and Mission..

This book captivated me completely.
Once I really started reading it I didn’t want to put it down, it had me amazed and in tears at several places.
Subhaan'Allaah the amount of test and difficulties Hadhrat Moulana endured and went through is astounding, and yet through all of it his Faith in Allaah never once wavered.
He dedicated his entire life for the Deen of Allaah.
His life was a reflection of the Sunnah of Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه وسلم
You have to read the book to realise and understand what…

Lessons Life Has Taught Me

I have learnt that life is a journey with a lot of twist and turns.
You will experience good , bad ,happy and sad .I have learnt that you wont always get what you want, no matter how badly you want it.I have learnt that just because you love a thing or person does not mean it is good for you.I have learnt that sometimes those who are close to you will hurt you the most.I have learnt that people will judge you without verifying facts.I have learnt that you can never please people, they will always seek out
your faults even if you do a hundred good things.I have learnt that if you attach your heart to the commodities of this Dunya you will have your heart broken.I have learnt, that no matter how much you love someone and they love you, death will inevitably separate you.I have learnt, that true friends are few and fake friends are many.I have learnt that people wont be happy if you have something good.I have learnt that if you lie you will get caught.I have learnt that deception destroy…

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The Warped Society

Have you ever stopped to think about the society we live in.
About the way they have warped our ideals.
About how they have moulded us into the complete opposite of what a Muslim should be.Why is it that we feel compelled to wish people a "Happy Birthday" or buy a gift or throw a birthday party or make a birthday cake. Why is it that a wife might get upset with her husband if he forgets their anniversary...
If he doesn't get her a gift on the day, if he doesn't surprise her with something special. Why is it that we become unhappy when people do not invite us for their wedding or any function even though the event is un-Islamic. Why is it that we hope that our spouse will bring us roses or something on valentines day..Why do mothers feel unappreciated if once a year on mother's day they don't receive anything..
And the list goes on.. Yet if you go back in history to the time of our Rasoolullah ﷺ and the Sahabah رضي الله عنهم, & to the times of our pious …

Good and Bad Deeds

The denoter towards good is like its doer and the denoter towards evil is like its doerThis hadeeth is pretty straightforward, but let’s delve a little deeper into it to understand it more. We are encouraged to do good actions and to motivate others to do the same. This is not just what is required of us, behind it is hidden reward written for us as well. The person who encourages another to do a good deed will get double reward, and every time that person practices on that deed, the first person who started it will automatically receive that ajar as well. It’s a chain reaction, all which leads to the very first person who began it.A few deeds that we can remind others and ourselves about are listed below:Encourage one another to make miswaak before and after meals, and before Salaah and tilaawatRemind the family about eating Duaa’s when having mealsStick Duaa’s up at appropriate places to remind others to read it. e.g. the entering Duaa’s at the doors of the house, the Duaa to be stu…

The Rasul Of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم

Alhamdulillah, we are fortunate and blessed to have so many bounties of Allah that are bestowed on us. We have a good home to protect us from the scorching sun and violent storms, we have more than three meals a day to satisfy our every craving, and we have sets upon sets of clothes for each day and every function. SubhanAllah! Let us make Shukr for that! But let us also not forget about the way we were taught to live compared to the way we are actually living. The Ambiyaa alayimus salaam, Sahaba radhiyallahu anhum and the pious never indulged themselves in the luxuries that the world had to offer them. They associated themselves with that which was necessary and abstained from anything that would take their attention away from Allah. May Allah grant us the ability to live according to Sunnah of our Nabi SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.
As I was working the other day, my mind seemed to wander about, and a thought occurred to me; how amazing would it be if Nabi SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam …