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This is my life

I will not allow myself to fall back into the same hole.

I will not allow my mind to once again trap me in its endless tunnel of misery.

Its time for change, time for a better version of myself to emerge.

Time to throw away all the masks, no more masquerades.

The Society does not matter, they cannot control my thoughts and my life.
They cannot dictate how i should live or how i should act.

I have a better way then there's to follow.

A complete way of life taught to me by a Man better than any other.

He was given a book that captures the hearts of all who read it, in it lie endless treasures.

I don't have to do what everyone else my age is doing. I don't have to follow blindly.

I don't have to watch soap operas.
I can choose to listen to Islamic lectures instead

I don't have to listen to music.
I can choose to listen to Quraan or Nasheed.

I don't have to leave my hair loose and show off my body.
I can choose to cover up and don Hijab and Niqab.

I don't have …