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Forever And A Day

We think we'll live forever and a day, and we continue on our merry way not worrying about the sins of the past. Not even casting a second glance.

We continue walking this risky path, never pondering "how long will all this last??"
Do we really think all these pleasures will remain for infinity. We have been warned all of this is temporary.

Soon a new day will dawn, dunya and everything we own will perish. So don't lose yourself in the adornments of the fast sinking ship known as the world.

Don't walk with pride on this land because one day soon our bones will be mingling with the sand. Think yourself superior to none, our deeds determine our rank and Allah alone will pass judgment.

The Ummah has gone astray, everyone's in disarray. Continuously obeying shaitaans whispers, repeatedly falling into his traps.

Our lives are crumbling before our eyes, yet we are doing nothing to stop this decline. Strangers in our own religion. Oblivious to every obligation.
In t…