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With Your Name

Your words are the medication that cures my aching heart.

It is what repairs me everytime i break.

The sweetness of your words removes all bitterness from my heart and soul,
and it cures my ears of all the harsh words it hears.
Verily in your remembrance does my heart find rest.

Every time I think i cannot go on anymore, I remember that your plan is the best plan, and i find myself calming down.

Everytime i find myself plagued by sin, i remember that you are Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Rahim and i turn to you in supplication.

Not once did your words ever fail to comfort me, or bring contentment to my conflicted soul.

You are the glue that keeps me from crumbling.

I disobey your commands blatantly but still your Rahmah remains.

I fall into Shaitans traps repeatedly but still You always hear my every plea.

You are the only light in this world that is dark.

And your words are roses in a world full of thorns.

Your promises are the only ones that remain true when every other is empty.

The sound of y…

The Power Of Words

Sometimes words flow from my mouth like how water flows from a spring, freely and without hesitation.
Yet at others times i am so silent one might think i am mute.

Sometimes I feel like no amount of words will be able to describe how i feel and no amount of ink will be sufficient to write out my thoughts.
Yet at other times my paper remains without words for days.

Sometimes the emotions and thoughts swirling through my mind and heart are in perfect harmony, and i am easily able to weave them into a perfect pattern of words.
Yet at other times it is so jumbled and incoherent that even the most skilled writer will not be able to make sense of it.

Sometimes the words that spill from my pen are of pure ecstasy and bliss. Yet at other times they are of sadness, pain and longing.

Sometimes a few words can capture my feelings perfectly and at other times i feel like a million words will not be enough.

Often i find myself getting lost in words, yet at others times i am at a loss for words.