Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Power Of Words

Sometimes words flow from my mouth like how water flows from a spring, freely and without hesitation.
Yet at others times i am so silent one might think i am mute.

Sometimes I feel like no amount of words will be able to describe how i feel and no amount of ink will be sufficient to write out my thoughts.
Yet at other times my paper remains without words for days.

Sometimes the emotions and thoughts swirling through my mind and heart are in perfect harmony, and i am easily able to weave them into a perfect pattern of words.
Yet at other times it is so jumbled and incoherent that even the most skilled writer will not be able to make sense of it.

Sometimes the words that spill from my pen are of pure ecstasy and bliss. Yet at other times they are of sadness, pain and longing.

Sometimes a few words can capture my feelings perfectly and at other times i feel like a million words will not be enough.

Often i find myself getting lost in words, yet at others times i am at a loss for words.

Its amazing how much emotion ink can portray.

Words are my sanctuary. Writing is my way of escaping from reality.

With writing i am able to express my every fear and hope. My every dream and my ever joy.

Words properly woven have the ability to inspire and motivate they also have the ability to degrade and depress.
So be sure to use your words wisely, whether written or spoken.

Words can make us or Words can break us.

Words can heal or they can scar.
I pray that my words (spoken and written) inspire and soothe. For it breaks my heart to think my words could be the reason someone is sad or despondent.

If you have been given the ability to give expression to the pen.
Make sure you use it for good and not for harming others by insulting and name calling.

If u have been gifted with the ability to speak in public make sure you do not spread lies and cause disunity.

Think before using your words (written and spoken), because the wounds inflicted by words often go deeper and take longer to heal then wounds inflicted by swords.

Only the recipient of the words knows how deep the words might have cut or how wonderfully they might have healed an old scar.

Words are a very powerful weapon so do not brandish it carelessly.

Sometimes words are a blessing (when used for good) and other times they are a curse (when used to harm).

Words (spoken & written) have the ability to start wars, they also have the ability to end them.

Words can Allure you.
Words can captivate you.
Words can Beguile you.
Words can Distract you.
Words can cause Happiness.
And Words can cause Sadness.

Words have the power to do all of the above and so much more yet it is said that
"the most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them".

Even though we think we know so much about words, writing and speech, in reality it is still a mystery and there is so much that remains unsolved.
So much we have yet to discover about its use.

Even though I feel as if i can go on writing about words forever I still don't think i will ever be able to scratch the surface of its true essence.

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