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Abode of my Heart

There's an ache in my heart and it won't go away.
And I find myself drowning in misery, choking back cries.
Allowing my mind to pave a stairway, I float away on a blissful cloud of thought.

I wish to be in the blessed city of Madinah, surrounded by its light.
I wish to gaze upon the Green Dome, oh what a beautiful sight.

I wish to walk in its blessed streets enjoying the serenity.
Letting my every fear and worry float away.

I wish to walk upon Mount Uhud, imagining the battle that took place on its sand.
Almost hearing the neighing of the armies horses and clashing of their swords.

I wish to eat dates from the palm trees of Madinah, a fruit more delicious I have never tasted.

My heart is restless.
My eyes blinded by tears.
How I despise these miles that separate me from my Beloved ﷺ and his beautiful city.

I close my eyes, and disappear into my thoughts once more.

Oh how wonderful would it be, if I lived in Madinah.
Imagine being the neighbour of Muhamma…