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I Wish You Knew... (Author Unknown)

I Wish You Knew

Recently I’ve just been hearing about the moral degeneration of our society and how many of the things we do or believe stem from ignorance. So I thought I’d pen down all the things I wish people knew. Dont just read this but ponder over it too. Please share with your loved ones, friends, contacts etc because I wish they knew too…

I wish you knew that rizq is predetermined by Allah so that you would stop chasing wealth.

I wish you knew that haraam relationships can never lead to happiness and bliss.

I wish you knew the sweetness of waiting rather than engaging in zina before marriage.

I wish you knew that you should hide your sins for Allah dislikes us broadcasting our sins.

I wish that you knew that it’s NOT ok to watch 50 shades of grey.

I wish that you knew that giving in charity does not diminish your funds, it earns you good deeds which is the currency of the hereafter.

I wish you knew the importance of bringing your children up with good morals and values and not…

Clouded Emotion

We always trying to copy one another
One trying to better the other.
Everyone so focused on gaining worldly success they willing to put down their brothers and sisters in the process.

Friend turning on Friend.
Family turning on Family.
All because of one emotion.. JEALOUSY.

It clouds the mind and kills the heart leaving you thoughtless and emotionless not caring who you hurt.
You desire what others have and you become malicious and hateful instead of acknowledging your own countless bounties and being grateful.

You become greedy no longer bothering about the needy. Buying things that are unnecessary, hoping it will make you happy, but all these things still leave you feeling empty, lonely devoid of tranquility.

Because wordly things can't bring you true joy, you were blinded by emotion, you failed to realise that everything they have is only due to Allahs infinite generosity.

You thought success and contentment to be in cash and kind, you allowed these thoughts to overtake your mi…

The Time To Change Is NOW!

Oh Ummah of Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم..
When are we gonna stop all of our wrongs?
Next week? Next month? Next year?
No! Then it might be to late.

We have to STOP TODAY ! NOW!
STOP watching movies NOW!
STOP listening to music NOW!
STOP going out dressed inappropriately NOW!
STOP backbiting NOW!
STOP picking out others faults NOW!
STOP mingling with members of the opposite gender NOW!

We claim that we love Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه وسلم, yet we dont ever follow his way!
We don't follow His sunnah! We don't read Quraan! We don't strive to follow His example!
Our actions contradict his lifestyle and what He ﷺ taught in every way!
Do you call that love ???
I don't!!

Yes we LOVE celebrities,sports stars and famous people. We strive to be like them, look like them, walk like them, talk like them and live like them..
We wish they knew who we are, but they don't.
And even if they did they don't care about us.

My Habib Muhammad ﷺ cried for YOU and I,…

Truth in Time: By Naseera binte Ismaeel™

Oh, how quick time flies by
It's Friday, It's Monday
Oh, it's another week gone by
Then a month
Then an annum
One year...
Two years...
What have we done?
Moments in tears
Moments of joy
All memories passed by
Forgotten words
Forgotten actions
Marking the world of a passerby
Life is but a moment in time
In the everlasting next life
just a memory...
Our current actions determining our destination
A destination we hope will be
Joy and blissful eternity ...

Emerging From My Shell

Imprisoned by my own dark thoughts.
It seems like a tunnel with no exit or light at the end. Like a dark cloud without a silver lining.

I'm holding myself back with regrets of things already passed, and worrying of things yet to occur. I seem to be colouring my life in black and white. To scared to get out of my comfort zone or explore.

I'm living in a shell, and i keep closing it tighter and retreating further.
Trying to keep pain and sorrow out.
I'm trying so hard to protect myself,
i havnt realised i have actually trapped myself.

Now I've become so comfortable in my shell, that i don't want to leave it.
I want to remin clamped between its musty walls, wallowing in my thoughts, wandering along its narrow passages aimlessly. It's become the place i call home, everything else seems foreign to me.

I need to start chipping away at these walls before they close in and suffocate me.
I need to get out and start living life.

But I've bee in this shell so long t…