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The Fault In Ourselves

We think we are the best, better than all the rest

We seem to be in daze, unable to differentiate through the haze of what is good and bad, and in our lives we continue to accommodate that which  has been forbidden.

We seem to have removed the word modesty from our vocabulary and now nudity has become all too common.

And yet we wonder about every calamity that befalls us.

It is us who have brought Allah's wrath,
with our reckless ways.
Yet we seem clueless.

Our Nabi's (صلى الله عليه وسلم) sunnah we have neglected, and the way of his enemy we have selected.

Our role models are no longer Sahabah or The Pious, rather it is Actors, Sports stars, Singers and Fashion Designers.

We claim to be intelligent and smart, yet at every juncture in our life we are choosing the wrong path.

We are never ready to Don Hijab or grow a beard, we'll do these things when we're older perhaps? We seem to have forgotten there's no guarantee that we will live till we are Twenty let alone Six…

What If

What if?

What if i keep saying I'm not ready, when actually i really am.

What if i keep saying no when the answer is actually yes.

What if i keep saying i can't when really, i can.

What if i keep saying I'm fine, when in reality I'm not.

What if i keep denying everything I feel because I'm scared no one will care.

What if i keep saying the opposite of what's true because i don't want to bother another with my problems.

What If?

What if i keep picking myself up every time i fail, when all I want to do is stay down and cry.

What if I look calm when I'm actually a storm.

What if I say I'm over it when actually its all i think about.

What if?

What if we are all telling lies to protect ourselves.

What if we are afraid to let another in.

What if we let down our guard once in awhile and let someone help us deal with the turmoil inside.

What if we are surprised and we find somebody like us, or somebody willing to be by our side.

What if we don't have to…

The Best Kind of Husband

I finally figured out what kind of man makes the best husband (I won't say perfect, because no human being on the face of earth is perfect).

A man who has genuine love and fear of Allah.

A man who loves Rasulullah ﷺ, and follows his Sunnahs.

A man who loves the Qur'aan.

A man who reads about Sahaabah and pious people rather then sports players and actors.

A man who wakes up in the dead of night to pray tahajjud.

A man whose focus is not attaining Dunya but rather ultimately attaining Jannah and the pleasure of Allah.

Do you know why this man will make an Amazing husband?

Because he will look after you in the best way possible because he knows he is answerable to Allah if he mistreats you.

And he knows that Nabi ﷺ treated his wives with utmost care. And that He Nabi ﷺ said something to the effect that
"the most perfect believer in faith is the one whose character is finest and who is kindest to his wife. (Tirmidhi & Imam Majah) "

This kind of man will help you wit…