Monday, March 16, 2015

What If

What if?

What if i keep saying I'm not ready, when actually i really am.

What if i keep saying no when the answer is actually yes.

What if i keep saying i can't when really, i can.

What if i keep saying I'm fine, when in reality I'm not.

What if i keep denying everything I feel because I'm scared no one will care.

What if i keep saying the opposite of what's true because i don't want to bother another with my problems.

What If?

What if i keep picking myself up every time i fail, when all I want to do is stay down and cry.

What if I look calm when I'm actually a storm.

What if I say I'm over it when actually its all i think about.

What if?

What if we are all telling lies to protect ourselves.

What if we are afraid to let another in.

What if we let down our guard once in awhile and let someone help us deal with the turmoil inside.

What if we are surprised and we find somebody like us, or somebody willing to be by our side.

What if we don't have to weather our storms alone.

What if all we need is someone to hold our hand through the wind and the rain.

What if we find someone who will show us light when all we see is darkness, and a rainbow when all we see is rain.

What if we find someone who will show us the sun behind the clouds, and the roses instead of the thorns.

And what if one day we stop talking in riddles and start talking whole truths again.

What if one day we are able to come out of our cages and express ourselves freely.

Oh what if.

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