Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stop Envying

We always look at the people who have more then us.

We look and we envy.

And we wish we had all of that.
We wish we had more money

We wish we had a closet full of designer shoes and bags.

Or kitchen counters full of the most beautiful and up to date appliances.

We wish we could go for holiday whenever we wanted.

We wish we could do up our houses in the most exquisite fashion.

Oh how we look and wish.

Because in our minds we think that having all that will make us happy.
We think that because they have all of that they are happy.

We think that money will buy us happiness.

And maybe it will, to a certain extent.
A temporary happiness.
Until we get tired of whatever we bought.

We think and wonder, how did they get so rich, and keep getting richer?

We work so hard and we don't get rich.

Well what you need to do is change your thoughts, and change your point of view.

And you will realize that you too are rich. In so many ways besides money and fancy things.

Start looking at those below you.

Look at the person who only has one pair of clothing which is old and tattered.
And when you look back at your own cupboard you will see how rich you are.

Look at a person who has to live on the streets, with no roof or walls, no bed and blankets to protect him from the wind, rain and, cold.
And then when you look at your house and everything in it you will see how rich you are.

Start looking at all the things you do have instead of focusing on all the things you don't.

Remember that whoever you are envying they are probably envying someone else who has more.

And there's probably people who are envying you because they have less

The more you chase money and things of this world the more it will elude you.

Don't let other people's life distract you from all the wonderful bounties you have.

It might be that you are envying a person, but he might be going through some trial that you cannot see.

It might that he has lots of worries or problems that you do not know of.

And the more money and Duya you have the more you will want, you will never be satisfied.

So just stop chasing it.
Thank Allah continously for what you already have and Insha'Allah he will give you things you thought you could never afford.

Don't ever get attached to your possession for they are never really yours, everything belongs to Allah and he can take them away at any moment.

And always remember that everything you and everyone else has is not because of your own doings.
That is what Allah has allotted out to you.

You will not get more then what is meant for you.

So be content with it.

And Always say Alhamdulillah!
My heart is content knowing that what is meant for me will never miss me, and what misses me was never meant for me.
(Imam Shafi'ee رحمة الله عليه)

And it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you, and Allah knows, while you do not know.
(Surah Al-Baqara : Verse 216)

“Always look at those above you for the Deen and those below you for the dunya.” [Bukhāri]"

Monday, February 23, 2015


We all fighting some sort of battle on the inside.

We all trying to get through life without breaking.

But sometimes we dont make it, and halfway through we sit and cry.

But know that no one is perfect and there's a limit to the amount of inner torture we can take.

Know that sometimes you don't have to be the only strong one, sometimes you just need  someone else to be strong too.

Sometimes you need someone to see through your facade, someone who will listen while you talk, someone who will understand.

We try to drown our sorrows in anything we can find.

Books, Movies, Sport and Shopping.

But these only help temporarily and soon we find ourselves back where we started.

We try to cover up our flaws with make up and fancy clothes.

We try to make ourselves believe that we don't need anyone to worry of us.

We're strong we'll get through on our own.

This is a lie we keep telling ourselves, and eventually we start to believe it.

And we push people away.

When all we really want is for someone to be there for us.

When actually we just want someone to tell us don't worry you not alone, I'll be here always.

We make up fantasies in our head, of how happy we could be.

But sadly it stays just that, fantasies.

We build up walls so high no one can get in.

And often no one tries to break through , they just leave us, thinking we'll come out eventually.

Not realizing the wall will only get bigger the longer its left.

And there we are left to fight our battles alone .

Still hoping someone will come along, someone who will break through this barricade and stand beside us.

Someone's who will hold us up when we're about to fall.

Someone who will never leave our side.

We sit in our corner waiting, hoping, wishing.

We don't once reach out to anyone because we don't want to appear weak.

We don't realise that sometimes its ok to ask for help.

Sometimes its ok to reach out to another for comfort.

Because we are all human.
And at the end of the day, we all need somebody at some point.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Journey

She stares at all the broken hopes and dreams at her feet.

Wondering if she will ever be able to fix any of them.

Tears stain her cheeks,
And the pain in her heart seems to get worst with each passing day.

But she doesn't notice it anymore.
She's become so used to the disappointments.

She's used to putting on a brave face and bright smile.
Pretending like words can't hurt her.

She won't break. She won't let anyone see the turmoil within her.

It doesn't matter how many times she is pushed down.
She will stand back up and dust herself of.
She will carry on.

She is stronger then she looks.
She's hiding more then you will ever know.

She will not let these setbacks affect her.

She will remain positive.
There is ALWAYS hope.

She will not give up.
She will not let people define who she can and cannot be.

She will build a bridge with all of these broken dreams and hopes,

A bridge that will lead her to a happy place hopefully.

A place that will be free of heartbreak and disappointments.

Free of harsh words and judgmental people.

Slowly, she starts her journey, brick by brick she builds her bridge .

She doesn't know where this bridge is going to lead her, but her faith tells her to just keep going.

Halfway down this bridge she realises where she's heading.

She is going towards Allah.

How had she not realized this before, that He is the only one who can repair what has been broken in her.

Only He can fulfil all her wishes and dreams.

Suddenly her spirits soar, and her pulse quickens.

She starts moving faster, eager to meet with her Allah.

She throws away all her extra baggage,
Jealousy, Hate, Ego, Desire.
The cravings of affection and appreciation.

These things have beem slowing down her journey and making her miserable.

Now that she is free of them she is lighter and oh, so much happier.

Finally a real smile lights up her face.

And she treads on eagerly, not stopping for anyone.

This is her journey to Allah.
This is her journey to Jannah.
This is her journey and she will walk it even if she has to walk alone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A World of Problems

I look around me, at My brothers and sisters around the world.

And i see Destruction.

I see them in Syria, Palestine, Myanmar and Kashmir (among others) being butchered and chased off their land.

I see them in Egypt, Libya and Yemen fighting for a just rule.

I see them in Somalia and other countries, without food and water.

I see them in Afghanistan, trying to live there lives whilst war is going on all around them.

I see them in other countries crying because they have lost everything due to a tsunami, hurricane or earthquake.

I see them dying because of horrible diseases, and no one is able to stop it.

I see them being harassed for practicing Islam.

This is just some of the things i see.
There is so much that i don't see.
So much that i do not know.

I look at all of this and i thank Allah for letting me live in a country that is free of all these kind of major problems.

Yes, we have load shedding,
and a corrupt government,
And yes we have crime
(which is very scary, may Allah protect all of us).
Among other things.

And we complain about
this all the time.
But we don't seem to realize that these are actually minor problems.

We don't ever thank Allah.

Because we are not being brutally killed and dragged out of our homes.
We dont have drones constantly flying over our heads ready to drop a bomb at any time.

We are not being harassed or abused for practicing Islam.

We do not have major tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados.

The things to be thankful for outweighs the "hardships" by a ton.

When will we open our eyes?
When will we realize that we have been blessed, we have never been
put through any major tests .
We think we are suffering,
we think we have it hard.
But if you look around,
you will see,
people who are less fortunate
then you and me.

And when your Lord made it known: If you are grateful, I would certainly give to you more, and if you are ungrateful, My chastisement is truly severe.
(Surah Ibrahim:Verse 7)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Toxic Temptations

I'm trying to stay away from every temptation.

I'm trying to quiet my Nafs.

But the whisperings won't stop.

Its driving me insane,
Its pushing me towards actions I am trying so hard to abstain from.

My heart has turned black from all of these sins that i have committed, its become hard and unfeeling.

Its been seduced by the world and its toxic pleasures.

I need to wash away the darkness with light.

I havto obliterate this evil that has taken root in my heart and I have to return it to its original pure state.

My haraam desires shriek, telling me to fulfil them just one more time.

And i am so close to giving in and committing the same mistakes.

I'm so weak, I cannot control myself.

I find myself wanting to slip back into this pit of sweet venom.

Oh what harm can it do, one day i will repent and become righteous,

One day when i am older.

This is the lie i keep telling myself.

And its working, i am deceiving myself, and i am repeatedly falling into Shaytans trap.

Even though it only gives me a sense of temporary bliss, i keep breathing in the fumes of evil, even though it is slowly suffocating me.

The thought of death flashes through my head, i see my grave closing in on me.

And only now reality dawns on me, i realise that i might not live to see tomorrow, Death knows no age.

What will happen if it finds me while i am indulging in these acts that have been forbidden.

I shake in fear.

I hastily reach out and i try to pull myself out of this hole.

But i find myself shackled and unable to escape.

I can see the light but i am unable to reach it.

Tears stream down my cheeks.
And my heart races in fear of what's going to happen to me.

I am Determined not to give up.

I lift my bound hands to the heavens , and i cry out with sincerity.

I beg Allah to free me from this prison i have created.

I beg Him to remove from me all the evil i have ingested.

I beg Him to place his noor into my blackened miserable heart.

I beg Him for his forgiveness for the countless times i have blatantly Disobeyd his commands.

When i lower my hands i am no longer bounds, my shackles have been unlocked.

This hole i am in begins to crumble and bright light filters through,

I find myself truly happy for the first time.

Slowly I am freeing myself of this dunya and its temptations

I am distancing myself from Shaytan and his evil whispers.

All praise is due to Allah!
Who has ignited this flame in my heart.

This flame of his love and of the love of Nabi ﷺ.

I pray that this flame never dies.
I pray that it grows with each passing day until it consumes me completely.

I no longer care what people say or think about me.

I no longer feel the need to please them.

They can call me what they wish.

They can think of me what they wish.

All i care about is the opinion of My Allah.

All i care about is attaining his pleasure.
All i care about is earning Jannah.

But you prefer the worldy life.
While the hereafter is better and more enduring.
 (Surah Al A'la : Verse 16 & 17)

Thursday, February 12, 2015


We do everything society tells us so we can "fit in" and so we won't be the "odd ones out."

Sisters dont wear Hijab, Niqab, Abaya or Modest clothing.

Brothers shave off their beards and let their pants fall over their ankles.
All because we think the western way of dressing looks smarter.

We want to follow the fashion trends. Because everyone is wearing a certain brand or style of pants or top we have to wear it as well

Because we think our dressing  doesn't matter, as long as we read our 5 daily salaah and Recite the Kalimah we can dress how we want.

The minute you tell a sister to don hijab or to wear modest clothing she will tell you
"Don't judge me. You don't know whats in my heart."

This has become so common, and it saddens me.

I am not judging you sister,
I am simply trying to help you.

And if you truly had fear of Allah and love for Islam in your heart you would definitely be wearing the Hijab.

We will go to any length to please society and to fit in.

Even if it means the displeasure of Allah, and disregard for the sunnah of Nabi ﷺ.

Oh what has happened to this Ummah that we do not care for the one who cried for US?

He ﷺ who sacrificed so much for US.

He ﷺ would stand in Salah till his mubarak feet swelled making dua for US.

"Ummati Ummati, My Ummah My Ummah"
That was His concern.

And now the same Ummah He ﷺ cried for is stabbing him in the heart countless times.

We protest when people draw blasphemous cartoons (May Allah's curse be on such people) of our Habib ﷺ.

But by doing these things they do not in any way diminish the light of Rasulullah ﷺ or hurt him in any way because they are ignorant.

We are not ignorant, we know what Nabi ﷺ has done for us and we know what a guiding light he is.

We do so many things on a daily basis that are in contradiction to Qur'aan and Sunnah.

But we don't care.
As long society is happy.
As long as we have satisfied our nafs (Desires).
As long as we are not the
"odd ones out".

But remember Nabi ﷺ said something to the effect that
Islam began as something strange,
And it will revert to being strange,
So give glad tidings to the strangers.

So if you are the "odd one out" because you Wear Hijab &  Niqab, or because you have a beard or because you don't participate in haram gatherings (parties, mixed weddings etc) or simply because you follow what Nabi ﷺ has taught us.

Then Alhamdulillah.

If your purpose in life is to please Allah, by following the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ and commandments from Qur'aan, then you will be successful and Allah will raise your status in this world and in the hereafter,Insha'Allah.

But if your aim is to please people and your nafs (desires), then you will never find true happiness, and you will surely be disgraced.

Put your Allah and Nabi ﷺ first!
It doesn't matter what people think.

People will always disappoint you in some way.

But Allah will always be there for you.

So make sure you don't ever give preference to anything over Allah.


Concern with this world is darkness in the heart.
But Concern with the hereafter is light in the heart.
~Uthmaan bin Affaan رضي الله عنه ~

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Bird In The Blue Sky

How wonderful would it be if I was a bird, even if it was just for a day.

I would spread my wings wide and soar in the bright sunlight.

I would go explore the trees and venture wherever i wished.

I would let the wind give momentum to my wings, letting it carry me higher and higher until the things on earth looked as small as ants.

I would forget every worry and every problem i have.

I would breath in the fresh unpolluted air high up in the glorious blue sky.

How wonderful would it be.
If i could perch on a tree,
singing a beautiful song
with the rest of the birds all around me.

Imagine taking a bath in a fresh puddle of rain, how cool and refreshing would that be.

Or watching the sunset while flying across the sea.

I would build a nest on a branch high up in a beautiful tree, so that i could watch the world down below go by me.

I might even take a late night flight, up, up towards the moon which is shining so bright.

My mind cannot fathom how Absolutely Amazing it would be if i could be a bird, even if just for a day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Light Of The Skies

I look out my window, and I see the Full moon shining in all its glory.

Oh what a wonderful spectacle it is, its light so bright and so beautiful .

I see the stars, shining beside it, they are so small in comparison, yet they do not let its light overshadow them.

Each star is unique,
Each one different.
Each one so beautiful.

I look at the black sky all around, and i marvel at the perfection of Allah's creation.

Had the sky been any other colour the Moon and Stars would have lost there splendour.

I turn away from my window and go to bed.

When I peep through the curtains after Fajr prayer, the view has changed, the moon & stars are no longer visible, the sky is changing colour.

Its is soft grey, tinted with orange and pink. The sun is about to rise.

I open the curtains wide in the morning and I am blinded by the dazzling Sun light.

I see the blue sky and puffy white clouds floating around.

I hear the birds chirping and i feel the cool breeze when i open the window.

I am absolutely awestruck by the efficiency of it all, how the night turns subtly into day.
Not once is there any delay.

Oh My eyes cannot believe what they see.
How did i not notice all this beauty before?

It seems that even though i had sight, i could not see.

I could not see that Allah is all around me.

Surely We have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment, the stars,
(As-Saaffat: Verse 6)

Be Patient : Written By Maseeha Ebrahim

Nowadays we all lose our temper too quick, and we are easily irritated.

Sometimes it is the wife towards the husband because he did not take her somewhere, or he might have forgotten a request of hers.

Or the husband might get angry and irritated towards his wife because of her nagging and complaining.

Sometimes it's the teenage kids who will be grumbling and moody because of something their parents might have done that they did not like.

Or you find a daughter-in-law complaining about her in laws interfering or telling her something she did not like.

Or sometimes it is a mother shouting at her toddler for nagging, or at her teenage child for disobeying her.

Often whatever makes us angry and irritable are small and petty, but because of the anger and irritability we don't see this.
Our emotions blind us.

At these times when you are losing your patience, remember how patient Allah is with you and me.
We disobey Him countless times every single day, yet he still shows us mercy, He still forgives us and showers His blessings on us.

We often make the same dua over and over again (nagging Him, so to say) and yet He doesn't get irritated with us.

Why can't we excercise patience?
Why can't we forgive those close to us when they do small things that we don't like?
Why do we insist on holding grudges and onto old hates?

Remember, when you are angry or irritable you are only spoiling your own mood, rather be patient and understanding. And you will  be rewarded for your patience Insha'Allah 💗

Surely he who guards (against evil) and is patient (is rewarded) for surely Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.(Surah Yusuf:90)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thoughts of A United Ummah

Have you ever thought what it would be like if we united as an Ummah?

If we all upheld the sunnah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ without complaining .

If every one of us read our five daily Salaah on time .

If we followed the Qur'aan without questioning it.

How wonderful would it be if every Muslim female donned the Hijab & Niqab and every Muslim Male had a sunnah beard.

How wonderful would it be to live in a perfect world, where Muslims followed Islam without feeling ashamed, shy or restricted .

The world would be rid of its problems if only we followed the path shown to us by Muhammad ﷺ and his beloved companions رصي الله عنه.

When will we take heed to the messages and warnings sent to us by Allah in the Qur'aan?

We have fallen in love with dunya and the ways of the west.
We want to walk and talk like the non_muslims, we want to live like them in every espect of our life.

But that life leads only to destruction and you will find no real joy in it.

Oh Ummah of Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ!
Open your eyes before it is too late! Change your ways.
Do we not see Allah's punishments coming down all around us?
Do we not see that we are bringing these punishments down on ourselves?

We have to change ourselves, we have to stop idolising the west,
and we havto turn back to Islam,
we have to stop being apologetic when in comes to our Deen.

Do not let your heart attach itself to the temporary pleasures of this life.
Rather strive for the eternal pleasures of Jannah.

We have to begin our reformation today!
Because tomorrow is not guaranteed..
Death can overtake us at any moment.

And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together, and do not become divided.
(Surah Aal-e-Imran:Verse 103)

And when My servants ask you (Oh Muhammad ﷺ) concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.
(Surah Al-Baqara: Verse 186)

Endless Greed and Desire

Sayyiduna Anas (radhiyallahu ‘anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said, “If the son of Aadam has two valleys of we...