Friday, February 20, 2015

A Journey

She stares at all the broken hopes and dreams at her feet.

Wondering if she will ever be able to fix any of them.

Tears stain her cheeks,
And the pain in her heart seems to get worst with each passing day.

But she doesn't notice it anymore.
She's become so used to the disappointments.

She's used to putting on a brave face and bright smile.
Pretending like words can't hurt her.

She won't break. She won't let anyone see the turmoil within her.

It doesn't matter how many times she is pushed down.
She will stand back up and dust herself of.
She will carry on.

She is stronger then she looks.
She's hiding more then you will ever know.

She will not let these setbacks affect her.

She will remain positive.
There is ALWAYS hope.

She will not give up.
She will not let people define who she can and cannot be.

She will build a bridge with all of these broken dreams and hopes,

A bridge that will lead her to a happy place hopefully.

A place that will be free of heartbreak and disappointments.

Free of harsh words and judgmental people.

Slowly, she starts her journey, brick by brick she builds her bridge .

She doesn't know where this bridge is going to lead her, but her faith tells her to just keep going.

Halfway down this bridge she realises where she's heading.

She is going towards Allah.

How had she not realized this before, that He is the only one who can repair what has been broken in her.

Only He can fulfil all her wishes and dreams.

Suddenly her spirits soar, and her pulse quickens.

She starts moving faster, eager to meet with her Allah.

She throws away all her extra baggage,
Jealousy, Hate, Ego, Desire.
The cravings of affection and appreciation.

These things have beem slowing down her journey and making her miserable.

Now that she is free of them she is lighter and oh, so much happier.

Finally a real smile lights up her face.

And she treads on eagerly, not stopping for anyone.

This is her journey to Allah.
This is her journey to Jannah.
This is her journey and she will walk it even if she has to walk alone.

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