Monday, February 23, 2015


We all fighting some sort of battle on the inside.

We all trying to get through life without breaking.

But sometimes we dont make it, and halfway through we sit and cry.

But know that no one is perfect and there's a limit to the amount of inner torture we can take.

Know that sometimes you don't have to be the only strong one, sometimes you just need  someone else to be strong too.

Sometimes you need someone to see through your facade, someone who will listen while you talk, someone who will understand.

We try to drown our sorrows in anything we can find.

Books, Movies, Sport and Shopping.

But these only help temporarily and soon we find ourselves back where we started.

We try to cover up our flaws with make up and fancy clothes.

We try to make ourselves believe that we don't need anyone to worry of us.

We're strong we'll get through on our own.

This is a lie we keep telling ourselves, and eventually we start to believe it.

And we push people away.

When all we really want is for someone to be there for us.

When actually we just want someone to tell us don't worry you not alone, I'll be here always.

We make up fantasies in our head, of how happy we could be.

But sadly it stays just that, fantasies.

We build up walls so high no one can get in.

And often no one tries to break through , they just leave us, thinking we'll come out eventually.

Not realizing the wall will only get bigger the longer its left.

And there we are left to fight our battles alone .

Still hoping someone will come along, someone who will break through this barricade and stand beside us.

Someone's who will hold us up when we're about to fall.

Someone who will never leave our side.

We sit in our corner waiting, hoping, wishing.

We don't once reach out to anyone because we don't want to appear weak.

We don't realise that sometimes its ok to ask for help.

Sometimes its ok to reach out to another for comfort.

Because we are all human.
And at the end of the day, we all need somebody at some point.

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