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Why so Defensive?

Why is it that nowadays we are all so unwilling to accept advice? Especially regarding to issues pertaining to Islamic / Deeni issues. We take on a defensive stance immediately.
And why do we assume that the person who is advising us claims to or thinks they are pious or that they are looking down on us. If someone corrects something we are doing, or they mention in some way that something we are doing is incorrect instead of taking  the advise we think or say things like “ everyone’s not as pious as you" or we might mention to someone else that “she/he thinks they very pious”etc.
Where as the person had no intention of sounding holy, nor do they think themselves better then you. Ever thought that maybe they were simply practicing on enjoining good and forbidding evil. 
We live in a world where doing good has become hard, its so easy to get caught up in evil. But now we've made it hard for people to even “enjoin what is good". We make them feel guilty and as if they…