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Don't Aim For Perfection

No one is a perfect Muslim.
No one can ever claim to be a perfect Muslim, because we're human, and we will never achieve perfection.
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to be good Muslims, it doesn't mean we should stop trying to better ourselves.
Each one of us are sinners, we are weak and often we succumb to our desires.
We succumb to the temptations that are all around us.
But each one of us has the ability to repent.
Allah is the most Merciful, and He is the most patient, and He loves those who repent and turn to Him.
So no matter how many times we fall into the trap of sin, we should stand up and repent.
Obviously we shouldn't just sin and then say I'll repent afterwards.
But if we do fall into some sin, which in this day and age seems inevitable, then we shouldn't just continue doing it and think theres no use repenting I'm doomed now.
Once we realise what we doing is wrong we should try and stop it and rectify ourselves.
And remember…