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Do Not Discard Your Deen

The Sahabah رضي الله عنه went through so much torture and persecution after accepting Islam, yet they remained steadfast. They didn't falter, they didn't forsake their Deen.

Sumayya رضي الله عنه was the first martyr in Islam. She was tortured along with her family and was killed when Abu Jahal pushed his spear into the most private part of her body.

Bilal bin Rabaah رضي الله عنه was left on the hot Arabian sand, at the hottest time of the day, with boulders on his chest but he kept saying
"Ahad, Ahad" Allah is one. Allah is one..

Khabaab bin Arat رضي الله عنه was dragged across flaming pieces of wood, the only thing that put out the fire was the fat, blood and pus from his back. And he used to get beaten on his head with hot iron rods.

Yet none of them gave up their Deen.
They held on to it.
It was the most beloved thing to them.
People mocked them.
Insulted them.
Abused them.
They were opressed, and beaten.
Many lived in fear of there life.
They lived in poverty, m…