Monday, February 9, 2015

Light Of The Skies

I look out my window, and I see the Full moon shining in all its glory.

Oh what a wonderful spectacle it is, its light so bright and so beautiful .

I see the stars, shining beside it, they are so small in comparison, yet they do not let its light overshadow them.

Each star is unique,
Each one different.
Each one so beautiful.

I look at the black sky all around, and i marvel at the perfection of Allah's creation.

Had the sky been any other colour the Moon and Stars would have lost there splendour.

I turn away from my window and go to bed.

When I peep through the curtains after Fajr prayer, the view has changed, the moon & stars are no longer visible, the sky is changing colour.

Its is soft grey, tinted with orange and pink. The sun is about to rise.

I open the curtains wide in the morning and I am blinded by the dazzling Sun light.

I see the blue sky and puffy white clouds floating around.

I hear the birds chirping and i feel the cool breeze when i open the window.

I am absolutely awestruck by the efficiency of it all, how the night turns subtly into day.
Not once is there any delay.

Oh My eyes cannot believe what they see.
How did i not notice all this beauty before?

It seems that even though i had sight, i could not see.

I could not see that Allah is all around me.

Surely We have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment, the stars,
(As-Saaffat: Verse 6)

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