Monday, February 9, 2015

Be Patient : Written By Maseeha Ebrahim

Nowadays we all lose our temper too quick, and we are easily irritated.

Sometimes it is the wife towards the husband because he did not take her somewhere, or he might have forgotten a request of hers.

Or the husband might get angry and irritated towards his wife because of her nagging and complaining.

Sometimes it's the teenage kids who will be grumbling and moody because of something their parents might have done that they did not like.

Or you find a daughter-in-law complaining about her in laws interfering or telling her something she did not like.

Or sometimes it is a mother shouting at her toddler for nagging, or at her teenage child for disobeying her.

Often whatever makes us angry and irritable are small and petty, but because of the anger and irritability we don't see this.
Our emotions blind us.

At these times when you are losing your patience, remember how patient Allah is with you and me.
We disobey Him countless times every single day, yet he still shows us mercy, He still forgives us and showers His blessings on us.

We often make the same dua over and over again (nagging Him, so to say) and yet He doesn't get irritated with us.

Why can't we excercise patience?
Why can't we forgive those close to us when they do small things that we don't like?
Why do we insist on holding grudges and onto old hates?

Remember, when you are angry or irritable you are only spoiling your own mood, rather be patient and understanding. And you will  be rewarded for your patience Insha'Allah 💗

Surely he who guards (against evil) and is patient (is rewarded) for surely Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.(Surah Yusuf:90)

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