Thursday, February 12, 2015


We do everything society tells us so we can "fit in" and so we won't be the "odd ones out."

Sisters dont wear Hijab, Niqab, Abaya or Modest clothing.

Brothers shave off their beards and let their pants fall over their ankles.
All because we think the western way of dressing looks smarter.

We want to follow the fashion trends. Because everyone is wearing a certain brand or style of pants or top we have to wear it as well

Because we think our dressing  doesn't matter, as long as we read our 5 daily salaah and Recite the Kalimah we can dress how we want.

The minute you tell a sister to don hijab or to wear modest clothing she will tell you
"Don't judge me. You don't know whats in my heart."

This has become so common, and it saddens me.

I am not judging you sister,
I am simply trying to help you.

And if you truly had fear of Allah and love for Islam in your heart you would definitely be wearing the Hijab.

We will go to any length to please society and to fit in.

Even if it means the displeasure of Allah, and disregard for the sunnah of Nabi ﷺ.

Oh what has happened to this Ummah that we do not care for the one who cried for US?

He ﷺ who sacrificed so much for US.

He ﷺ would stand in Salah till his mubarak feet swelled making dua for US.

"Ummati Ummati, My Ummah My Ummah"
That was His concern.

And now the same Ummah He ﷺ cried for is stabbing him in the heart countless times.

We protest when people draw blasphemous cartoons (May Allah's curse be on such people) of our Habib ﷺ.

But by doing these things they do not in any way diminish the light of Rasulullah ﷺ or hurt him in any way because they are ignorant.

We are not ignorant, we know what Nabi ﷺ has done for us and we know what a guiding light he is.

We do so many things on a daily basis that are in contradiction to Qur'aan and Sunnah.

But we don't care.
As long society is happy.
As long as we have satisfied our nafs (Desires).
As long as we are not the
"odd ones out".

But remember Nabi ﷺ said something to the effect that
Islam began as something strange,
And it will revert to being strange,
So give glad tidings to the strangers.

So if you are the "odd one out" because you Wear Hijab &  Niqab, or because you have a beard or because you don't participate in haram gatherings (parties, mixed weddings etc) or simply because you follow what Nabi ﷺ has taught us.

Then Alhamdulillah.

If your purpose in life is to please Allah, by following the Sunnah of Nabi ﷺ and commandments from Qur'aan, then you will be successful and Allah will raise your status in this world and in the hereafter,Insha'Allah.

But if your aim is to please people and your nafs (desires), then you will never find true happiness, and you will surely be disgraced.

Put your Allah and Nabi ﷺ first!
It doesn't matter what people think.

People will always disappoint you in some way.

But Allah will always be there for you.

So make sure you don't ever give preference to anything over Allah.


Concern with this world is darkness in the heart.
But Concern with the hereafter is light in the heart.
~Uthmaan bin Affaan رضي الله عنه ~

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