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The Fault In Ourselves

We think we are the best, better than all the rest

We seem to be in daze, unable to differentiate through the haze of what is good and bad, and in our lives we continue to accommodate that which  has been forbidden.

We seem to have removed the word modesty from our vocabulary and now nudity has become all too common.

And yet we wonder about every calamity that befalls us.

It is us who have brought Allah's wrath,
with our reckless ways.
Yet we seem clueless.

Our Nabi's (صلى الله عليه وسلم) sunnah we have neglected, and the way of his enemy we have selected.

Our role models are no longer Sahabah or The Pious, rather it is Actors, Sports stars, Singers and Fashion Designers.

We claim to be intelligent and smart, yet at every juncture in our life we are choosing the wrong path.

We are never ready to Don Hijab or grow a beard, we'll do these things when we're older perhaps? We seem to have forgotten there's no guarantee that we will live till we are Twenty let alone Sixty.

We have time to study huge books on biology and psychology, but reciting Qur'aan has become a thing of the past.

We can spend hours catching up on Books and Movies, yet when it is time for Salaah we are too tired.

And we hardly make time for dua unless we are struck with a calamity.
(Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return. Surah Ar-Room, Verse 41)

We never stop to assess the impact our negligence has on our daily lives, we just don't seem to notice the lack of real Happiness and Tranquility.
If Allah is not the center of our focus how do we expect to achieve Serenity?

Dancing and parties have become a norm, and in participating we see no wrong.

We fall asleep with songs blasting in our ears, and we seem to have no fears.

We scoff when told to change and repent because "YOLO" is now the latest trend.

We spend thousands on all kinds of useless items , yet we hardly give charity because suddenly we don't have enough money.

We are quick to point out everyones faults, but we never contemplate over nor correct our own.

We are never satisfied with anything , we are always dwelling on what could've been.
When will  we start appreciating instead of complaining?

We crave attention and praise and reject any sort of correction because we think we ARE perfection.

Profanity has become a normality.
Politeness has become a formality.

We let our desires blind us.
And we fulfill all of Shaitans whispers.

Our brains it seems have been drained of common sense.

And we perceive the ways of the west
to be the best.

We celebrate what they celebrate (Birthdays, Valentines day etc) and we mourn when they mourn (for celebrities etc),
Its time we stop and think this through, for do we wish to be raised with them on Judgment Day too?

Our lives have become nothing but amusement and play and we seem to have forgotten about the Day of Resurrection and Reckoning.

Our minds are polluted,
not once do we stop and contemplate on all the wrong we have done.

Our path seems to be heading to Jahannam yet we claim to be seeking Jannah?!

Never forget your final abode, six feet down in the ground alone and covered with sand.

As scary as the thought may seem,
it's the only guarantee in this life.
Death knows no age or time,
Our souls will depart in the blink of an eye.

So be cautious which path you tread for one will lead to Eternal Happiness and the other to Eternal Misery.


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