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Clouded Emotion

We always trying to copy one another
One trying to better the other.
Everyone so focused on gaining worldly success they willing to put down their brothers and sisters in the process.

Friend turning on Friend.
Family turning on Family.
All because of one emotion.. JEALOUSY.

It clouds the mind and kills the heart leaving you thoughtless and emotionless not caring who you hurt.
You desire what others have and you become malicious and hateful instead of acknowledging your own countless bounties and being grateful.

You become greedy no longer bothering about the needy. Buying things that are unnecessary, hoping it will make you happy, but all these things still leave you feeling empty, lonely devoid of tranquility.

Because wordly things can't bring you true joy, you were blinded by emotion, you failed to realise that everything they have is only due to Allahs infinite generosity.

You thought success and contentment to be in cash and kind, you allowed these thoughts to overtake your mind.

How could you forget that Rizq comes only from Ar-Razaaq!

Now you've awoken from your trance and everything is different at a second glance.

Your infatuation has abated, you look around and asses your situation and you find your eyes fill with tears of repentance, now you've finally noticed your own abundance of sustenance.

Your heart is filled with gratitude and your jealous attitude falls away like a wilted flower flying away from a tree.

And new buds begin to blossom.

Your life becomes happier.
You've walked the road of redemption and the road you now tread is one of contentment.


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The youth find Hayaa to hard, Hijab and modest clothing a thing of the past.
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Every test sent by Allah has a solution.
He will reveal it at the perfect moment.
Never doubt, never lose hope for surely Allah does not abandon those who hold on to His rope.
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So endure them with a beautiful patience, and Allah will shower you with His endless bounty.
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First Love ❤️

We put our whole hearts into things that are temporary, and we still wonder why we end up with a broken heart.
We place our full trust in everything besides Allah, and then we wonder why things don't turn out right.
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But it shouldn't be like that, we shouldn't be attaching ourselves to these things.

We should attach ourselves to Allah!
Because Allah is eternal.
He will always, always be with us.
You will never have to part from Him, ever.

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