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I Wish You Knew... (Author Unknown)

I Wish You Knew
Recently I’ve just been hearing about the moral degeneration of our society and how many of the things we do or believe stem from ignorance. So I thought I’d pen down all the things I wish people knew. Dont just read this but ponder over it too. Please share with your loved ones, friends, contacts etc because I wish they knew too…

I wish you knew that rizq is predetermined by Allah so that you would stop chasing wealth.

I wish you knew that haraam relationships can never lead to happiness and bliss.

I wish you knew the sweetness of waiting rather than engaging in zina before marriage.

I wish you knew that you should hide your sins for Allah dislikes us broadcasting our sins.

I wish that you knew that it’s NOT ok to watch 50 shades of grey.

I wish that you knew that giving in charity does not diminish your funds, it earns you good deeds which is the currency of the hereafter.

I wish you knew the importance of bringing your children up with good morals and values and not letting them run wild.

I wish that you knew that your success and your wealth are not a direct result of how hard you work or what degree you have, it is a blessing bestowed on you by Allah. If He willed you could lose it in an instant.

I wish that you knew that intentionally missing a salaah can leave you out of the fold of Islam, so that you would not let them pile up.

I wish that you knew how privileged you are and how badly people out there suffer.

I wish that you knew that when you leave the house without a scarf on you are no longer safe from Allah’s punishment.

I wish that you knew that peace is to be found in the remembrance of Allah.

I wish that you knew that trials and hardships don’t mean that Allah doesnt love you or listen to you, instead they are tests from Allah that are meant to purge you of your sins.

I wish that you knew that the harder your test, the greater Allah’s love is for you.

I wish that you knew how music affects you, how it hardens your heart and how dangerous it really is.

I wish that you knew that swearing does not make you cool, it earns you sins.

I wish that you knew that having a new car or a beautiful house doesn’t mean that you’re successful.

I wish that you knew that a man who has no protective jealousy over the women in his family and lets them leave the house displaying their beauty will never enter Jannah.

I wish that you knew that when people point out your wrongs and advise you to do good they’re not judging you. They only want to help you.

I wish that you knew that money can’t buy you Jannah.

I wish that you knew that you will leave behind all of your possessions and take only your deeds to the grave.

I wish that you knew that even if we were to bury you with all your wealth it would not benefit you.

I wish that you knew that the poor will enter Jannah before the rich do.

I wish that you knew that this world is temporary so you wouldn’t get too comfortable here.

I wish that you knew that death does not discriminate against age, wealth, health or gender.

I wish that you knew how fortunate you are to be Muslim instead of adopting the lifestyle of the disbelievers.

I wish that you knew the beauty of Islam and the beauty behind Allah’s commands.

I wish you knew ....


  1. I wish I could tell you how talented you are, but words can't explain it. Your posts are so informative 👌 I'm so glad you brought this up because it seems like our generation has forgotten this. May Allah reward you ❤


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