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We can't be sinless. But we can sin less

Nowdays we are ruled by our nafs|desires, very few of us are willing to fight it. We give in to our every whim and we allow Shaytaan to deceive us into believing we still have long to live. We can always repent later.
As a result we've lost our identity as Muslims.
And now you find that everything we do is imitating the Kuffaar
Our dressing, our lifestyle , our whole outlook has changed, We've become obsessed with following trends, be it in fashion , décor , hairstyles, functions etc.
We're human so its normal to get drawn in and captivated by these things but its not ok to get so caught up and obsessed that you forget that you're Muslim and you change your life to fit in with the trends and you start wearing immodest clothing simply to follow fashion.
Its not Haraam to have things of Dunya. Its not Haraam to have wealth.
But we've totally lost the plot, we've made it the be all and end all. We've reached a stage where we are now no longer content with anything.
we've allowed the dunya to enter our hearts.
We've attached success to dunya, we think only the rich are successful, the famous are successful etc.
But true success lies in finding Allah, in following the Sunnah of Rasoolullah صلى الله على وسلم.
We need to detach ourselves from dunya and its attractions.
Yes we are all weak. but we can all try in small ways to change.
Change does not happen overnight.
But we have to start somewhere.
Maybe by taking out Sadaqah everyday even if it is one or two rands.
Or by reading two extra rakaah of Salaah.
Or by helping someone out.
Or by lowering your gaze.
Or by forgiving someone who hurt you, for the pleasure of Allah.
All theses things are easy to do, and it’s a start.
We can then gradually increase our good actions and decrease our sins with the help of Allah
If we are unable to increase in good actions then we should at least try to stay away from sin.
We are surrounded by temptations, everywhere you turn there is forbidden thing staring you in the face.
So staying away wont be easy, it will be a tough battle fighting off your nafs and shaytaan but Insha'Allah through that you will attain the pleasure and love of Allah and ultimately Jannah.
And that makes everything worth it…

“It is explained in a hadith when Allah created Jannah, then He sent Jibreel A.S to look at it. He came back and said “Oh Allah, by your honour, whoever hears of it will not live without (trying to gain) entry into it i.e. after listening and having conviction in the pleasures, ease and joys of Jannah, who will not try his utmost best to enter it. After that, Allah surrounded it with 'difficulties,' such as performing Salaah, keeping fasts, going out for jihad, and performing Hajj etc. If you do theses then you will gain entry into Jannah. Hadhrat Jibreel A.S was told, 'Now go and see.'
He said, “Now, Oh Allah, I fear that no one will be able to enter it.” Similarly, when Allah created Jahannam, then he sent Hadhrat Jibreel A.S to look at it. Upon seeing the punishment, calamities, filth and difficulties, he said “ Oh Allah, by your honour, whoever hears of its punishment will never go there.”
Allah covered it with the veil of desires, adultery, drinking, oppression, going against divine injunctions etc. Hadhrat Jibreel A.S was told to have a look at it again, he said, “ oh Allah, I now fear that none will be saved from it.”

May Allah protect us all from Jahannam and grant us the ability to do those actions which are pleasing to Him, forgive our shortcomings and  grant us entry into Jannah through His Mercy. Aameen


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