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Its All About The Heart - Written by Firdose Saloojee

Teach your children Ikraam! Teach them character.. wallah, i have seen students with the best of grades,who excel in every exam, yet they have the "Im better than you - Stuck-up" attitude and put their friends down. And i have seen students who struggle in exams, yet excel in the beauty of their heart and that makes it so hard to mark them down,for their ikraam shines through☆ Its not just about giving our children wealth,and trust me too much spoiling also leads to kids having their noses in the air ,and making their friends suffer from an inferior complex which is totally against the Sunnah of our Beloved Nabee صلى الله عليه وسلم

Let us instill in our girls and boys the Character of Nabee Salallawhu alayhi wasallam, how his every step was one towards making another happy.. how his golden heart made sure that if he couldnt bring a smile to someones face,he would atleast wipe away their tears and pain.
 As parents we should focus on our Childs heart,on how their day was,on who they shared their lunch with, on how they helped their friend with something that she struggled with,on how they listened to their teacher and made khidmat of their Apa/Molana,  rather than "oh you only got a 70. And oh i cant sit with your assignment tonite cos we have to go for extra lessons and ballet and this and that.".

Children are great imitators,so give them something great to imitate, If we as parents can live the life of Sunnah,and Obeying Allah,and taking time out,and having the humour and compassion of Nabee Salallawhu Alayhi wasallam,Definately it will pass on to our kids..

We should give our children a specific time in a day, where that hour or two is just for them.. no homework.. no books.. nothing.. just unwinding.. relaxing.. and refreshing their mind.. let us teach them the sunnah of kaylullah also,and how just 10 minutes after school also to close eyes for abit and just breathe..
Once in a while, forget about the academics,lay on the grass with your kid and make memories that this child will never forget. Trust me- it does a world of difference. When we teach them about fun,and character and obeying Allah,Naturally their academics will improve. Its not always about the report card percentages, its about the comments at the end of the card that matter! Hug and kiss our children,let them know how loved they are simply because they are the greatest blessing from Allah!. Raising kids is a lot of heartwork,but if done correctly,will be a means of us flying into the gates of Jannah Inshaa Allah..
 Give your child deen,and Allah will bring dunyaa to is the promise of Allah!



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