Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Good and Bad Deeds

The denoter towards good is like its doer and the denoter towards evil is like its doer

This hadeeth is pretty straightforward, but let’s delve a little deeper into it to understand it more. We are encouraged to do good actions and to motivate others to do the same. This is not just what is required of us, behind it is hidden reward written for us as well. The person who encourages another to do a good deed will get double reward, and every time that person practices on that deed, the first person who started it will automatically receive that ajar as well. It’s a chain reaction, all which leads to the very first person who began it.

A few deeds that we can remind others and ourselves about are listed below:

Encourage one another to make miswaak before and after meals, and before Salaah and tilaawat

Remind the family about eating Duaa’s when having meals

Stick Duaa’s up at appropriate places to remind others to read it. e.g. the entering Duaa’s at the doors of the house, the Duaa to be stuck on a mirror when looking in the mirror and Duaa’s for travelling in the car

Purchasing a miswaak, Quraan or kitaab for someone is very beneficialGifting a scarf, topee (or turban) or a tasbeeh will earn great reward as well

These are just a few of the many ways to attain reward. Now that we know what we can do, we also know that whenever these, or similar actions are encouraged, YOU will earn extra reward. Imagine it as commission in a way. Every time you encourage someone to buy something and they purchase it, you get a part of the profit as well. But for amaal-e-saalihat it’s EVEN BETTER. You don’t get a part of their share, but you get the full reward, as if you’ve done it yourself. How can we say no to such a great opportunity?

You get TEN rewards for each LETTER of the Quraan that you recite, now imagine someone reading abundant tilaawat and your reward is doubling and tripling! Isn’t that great? 
The reward of reading la hawla wa la quwwata illah billah is from the treasures of Jannah, and when you gift a tasbeeh to someone, try to imagine how many treasures you’re opening, and in other forms of zikr, how many trees are getting planted for you, how many palaces are being built for you! The mind cannot even fathom the innumerable rewards that it’ll gain! SubhanAllah!

Now on the flipside, just as good comes with good, evil comes with evil as well.
Firstly, we are told not to expose our sins to everyone, because Allah has concealed our sins and saved us from disgrace, but then we announce our sins openly to people without even realizing it. How? When we mention to someone “hey, I just went to the cinemas and watched the latest movie” or “did you hear that new album that got released” these are exposing our sins to people. 
So, if we now encourage someone to do evil, we’re going to get this sin, and when they continue doing it, it’ll be continuous for us too. Instead of telling someone “you’ve got to check the movie out!” rather save yourself from the chain of sin by remaining silent instead. Through not announcing what you did, you’ll protect yourself from continuous evil deeds being written for you.
There is always hope and there is always Allah’s everlasting mercy. So if we have wronged ourselves, and if we have encouraged others to do wrong; let’s stop the action and turn towards taubah, let’s be regretful over our actions, let’s make an intention to never do it again and let’s encourage our fellow Muslims to do the same.
Let’s replace the bad with good. It comes in the Qur;aan “Certainly good deeds remove evil deeds.." so follow up the bad with good and lets turn to our final destination; the aakhirah. The connection has to end, let’s end it before it’s too late. It all begins…right now.

Written by a veiled writer.

taken from missmuslimah9.wordpress.com 

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