Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Peace Despite The Pain

And suddenly a sense of peace descends despite the pain.
There's a light at the end of this tunnel, an end to this unbearable strain.
A new train is soon arriving, this one filled with blessing and mercy.
For verily He has promised ease after every difficulty.
And we will have happiness after we experience misery.
Today you may have felt like you cannot go on, you felt like falling, never to stand again.
But you have to realise failing is not an option.
Every test sent by Allah has a solution.
He will reveal it at the perfect moment.
Never doubt, never lose hope for surely Allah does not abandon those who hold on to His rope.
Trials are temporary.
So endure them with a beautiful patience, and Allah will shower you with His endless bounty.
Do not resort to sin, thinking it will rid you of your pain. That is the biggest mistake we make.
The cure is found only in remembrance of Your Lord. Raise your hands and make dua, plead and beg your most Merciful Allah.
Fall before Him in prostration, let your tears flow without restriction.
Knock at His door without hesitation.
Your heart might feel like its breaking, but never give up, begging your Lord for salvation.
Soon Oh burdened soul Allah will lift your sorrows and He will replace it with something so Amazing, the sweetness of which will leave you speechless.
Then you will desire to be tested again just so that you may receive the reward at the end.
And you will see that your perseverance proved fruitful, and your adherence to His commands did not go unnoticed.
Because indeed He is the most kind, never leaving anyone behind.
Your Heart will soar, and you will feel a happiness more beautiful then you have ever felt before.
You will find yourself smiling, constantly praising Allah.
You will forget that you were ever sad, you will never again grieve.
Because you know that Allah never deprives those who truly believe.
You are now stronger then ever before, strengthened by His love.
This love is like none other, it will never leave you broken nor will it ever hurt.
Never let go of this Love no matter what difficulties you may face.
Because without it you will be nothing but a depressed longing soul, wandering aimlessly in a never ending void of darkness, constantly suffering in sadness.

So make sure you never abandon your link and connection with Allah, for it is the key to your eternal Happiness.

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  1. Many a time, whenever Allah Ta'ala blesses a person with some difficulty, it causes a ripple effect. The loved one's of the person going through the trial are sometimes much more affected than the person themself. The afflicted person may be fine. They may be totally pleased with the decree of Allah Ta‘ala. The person may adopt Radha bil Qadha and carry on. But the person's family becomes more pained and affected than the person, simply because they are seeing their loved one suffer. They will do absolutely anything to try and remove this suffering. The afflicted person does not want their family members to feel this pain, or any pain at all. But Insaan is Insaan. No matter who says what and who does what, that outward pain, will, and must be felt.

    Sometimes people's entire lives are wrecked. Their hopes are shattered. It seems as though they have been dropped and broken down so badly, that to the eye, it seems that they will never recover. How can they come back from this? It seems as though things will never be the same again. This in reality is correct, because things will become much better than what they were. There is no doubt about this. Allah Ta'ala says:
    ان مع العسر يسرا 
    Without doubt, there is ease after every difficulty.

    When our eyes fall on the damage done, and our mind then goes to those responsible for causing this damage, we become angered and enraged, to such a degree, that a curse may want to slip out of the depths of the heart. It may even slip out. This is not correct. What will be achieved by causing harm to another servant of Allah Ta’ala? The person, whatever they have done, is also a servant of Allah Ta’ala. We are in such dire need of the mercy of Allah Ta’ala at every moment, we don't, and will never realise it in this life.

    Initially, it will seem as though no matter what, this pain will always be left in the heart. This too, is false. The pain does definitely go away eventually.

    We can take solace in one thing. Whatever it is that we may be going through, Nabi e Kareem Sallallaahu alayhi Wasallam went through it to a much greater extent.

    Sometimes, Allah Ta'ala desires His special servant to become closer to Him. Allah Ta'ala then creates some circumstance so that this person turns to Allah Ta'ala in a manner which the servant had not done before. This results in the person reaching such heights by Allah Ta'ala, which were not possible before.

    In the words of Hakeemul Ummat, Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (Rahmatullahi Alayh):

    "The stages of Sulook are traversed swifter by means of grief /sorrow than by means of Mujaahadah. It is worthy to remember this fact."


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