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What's happened to us...

Its funny how things change so drastically.
Strangers become best friends, and best friends become strangers.
Families aren't as close and united as they used to be.
Its so weird, day by day nothing changes, same old routine.
But yet now when you look back everything is just different.
Its like all the memories you have are from another life.
Or maybe somehow you got someone else’s memories.

Its sad that we allow things to change so much, we get so caught up in our own lives that we have no time anymore for anything else, well that’s our excuse at least.
The truth is we have the time, we just need to prioritise.
If something or someone is important to you then you'll make time for it / them.

Technology has progressed so much, you can do almost anything with the click of a button, its so easy to send messages nowadays. You don’t need to write a letter and post it (or send it by pigeons, or whatever they used to do in the olden days).
You can communicate with people all over the world in seconds.
Yet we don’t have the 'time' to send our family and friends a simple message, just to say “how are you. I thought of you today.” Or even just “how are you" once every few days.

You would think people would keep more in touch now.
But it’s the other way round, we have never been more out of touch!
Technology is progressing, everyday you hear of new inventions.
Medicine is progressing.
Everything is becoming “easier.”
But somehow us humans have regressed.

We've become selfish, unfeeling, proud, arrogant, spiteful, jealous, we care for no one but our self. We all sitting on our high horses thinking we better then everyone. Looking down on people for silly reasons.
You'd think us, as Muslims and Ummatis of the best of all mankind would know better then to act and become like this.

But we've become so influenced by the west that we have lost our Muslim identity and we have forsaken our Islamic values.

In the time of the Sahabah they had none of the things we have today, the led “difficult” and simple lives. They didn't have cars. They didn't have fancy gadgets. They didn’t have taps of running water etc.
Some of them didn’t even have proper clothing.
Yet, when I read about them I feel they lived easier, happier, more content lives.

They looked out for one another, they were always willing to help there fellow brothers and sisters.
They were like this for one simple reason.
They understood their Deen, and they held on to their Islamic lifestyle, they held on to the Sunnah and they found that Allah was sufficent for them.

They would rather die then disobey Allah and his Rasool.
And they willingly gave their lives for Islam.
If only we could do the same. If only we could practice on the teachings of our Beloved Sallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.

Our behaviour has torn apart our families, Repelled our friends and distanced us from the Mercy of Allah. And still, we carry on in the same way.
We still have this intense love for dunya, for fame, for money.
We think we don’t need anyone, we'll be fine. This is a lie, we are human, and at some point in our lives we will need the support of our Family and true friends only to find that they're not there. Why? Because in our arrogance we pushed them away, we insulted and hurt them.

Money and fame will not last forever.

Make amends with those family and friends that you have hurt or broken ties with before its to late.
If our own families are so disunited how do we expect the Ummah to be united?

Lets do our best to fix what’s in our hands and right in front of us before we try and solve the problems of the world.
Lets all put aside our arrogance and pride lets put aside our social standings and for once lets join family ties genuinely and for the pleasure of Allah. ..

“Let them forgive and overlook, do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? For Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Surah Nur : Verse 22)

“Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind.
For the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers" (author unknown)


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